Continuity Is All You Need

Sci-fi writers and some technologists propose that one day we’ll become immortal by uploading our consciousness to a computer and living in cyberspace. It’s debatable whether you would actually become immortal as there’s no reason to believe your subjective experience will transfer into cyberspace. Wouldn’t the original you remain where it started, in your biological body, and something derived from you would now exist digitally? If that’s the case when your biological body dies, so will you. What do I mean when I write “you”, “consciousness”, “mind”, “subjective experience”? In this case I’m referring to the “you” that experiences the colour red or the smell of a baking cake or falls in love. The “you” that continues from one moment to the next, from yesterday to today and hopefully tomorrow. Is there a way to make this mortal “you” and make it immortal?